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APR.   Seoul metropolitan government supports rental fee for ACOM electronic scale to butcher’s shop in Seoul.

NOV.   Launched a new model for price computing scale PC-500


APR.   NETS obtained "NTEP" approval

  AUG.   NETS(Dual Range),PC-100(Dual Range) obtained “EC Type” approval
  NOV.   Acom Inc has achived the certification of Green M for European countries
  DEC.   Launched new label printing scale, NETS FG

  JAN.   Developed Arabic Nets version
  MAR.   Developed tare version
  MAY.   SI-1 obtained “OIML” approval / PC-300 obtained “OIML” approval
  JUL.   NETS(Tare version) obtained “NSC” approval of Australia

  FEB.   Developed the advanced AU/EU Nets version
  NOV.   Won “U$300 million dollars export” from KITA
  NOV.   RoHS compliance

  FEB.   Simple weighing scale, PW-200 started export
    PC-100W “NSC” approval
  NOV.   PC-100R “NSC” approval
  SEP.   PC-100, PC-100W, JW-1/C, SI-1, AC-100 and NETS obtained official approvals of Ukraine

  JUN.   Developed wireless Nets version
  SEP.   Moved to new facility

  FEB.   PC-100 UL approval

  MAR.    PC-100 obtained “NSC”approval of Australia
  SEP.   PC & JW & SI series and NETS obtained official approvals of Russia
  OCT.   NETS obtained “OIML”

  JUN.   Selected “Promising Small and Middle Sized Company
  NOV.    Launched new label printing scale, NETS

  JAN.   PC-100 obtained “OIML” approval
  MAR.   Developed parts counting of light weight components scale, JW-1C
  APR.   Label printing scale, NETS applied for registration of design
  JUL.   PC-100 & SI-1 obtained “NTEP” approval
  NOV.   Started export to U.S.A

  MAR.   Developed bench scale, SI-1
  MAY.    JW-1 obtained “CE” mark
  DEC.   JW-1 obtained “CE” mark

  FEB.    Developed industrial digital scales, PC-200 (LCD-battery)
  APR.    AC-100 obtained “CE”mark
  DEC.   JW-1 selected “Design best 10 in 1999” from KIDP

  MAR.    Established
  AUG.   Applied for a patent for precision digital scales
  SEP.   Developed commercial scale, PC-100
      Started export to abroad
  OCT.   Developed precision weighing scale, PC-100W
  NOV.   Developed precision counting scale, AC-100
  DEC.   Started selling to domestic market